Thinking back to how perfect the Fall season was here in NC. I don’t ever remember a more vibrant Autumn season. My mother came for a visit and we took several days to just explore the beautiful mountain colors, around every bend were new opportunities to take photos, giggle and explore together. I have treasured every moment with her.

This is the Blue Ridge mountains. Even though I’m six hundred miles from family (for close to 20 years now), I can’t imagine calling anywhere else home. I make time daily to get out in nature, even if it’s raining. Which is exactly what it’s been doing for the last week or so.  Winter here has been strange, so warm. No snow yet, not even close.


I always drag a piece of the outdoors back inside with me, there are pine cones, leaves of every species of tree, a few acorns, river rock, driftwood, mica and sometimes moss. The colors become the palette of inspiration, this never grows old or mundane. All I ever need to do is look closer, deep into the details of a leaf or the hat of an acorn and I’m entranced all over again by the beauty and all that God has created.


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