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When I travel I always pack something to journal in. But sometimes I just have to make do, like the time I had to make an emergency trip to Florida because my dad had to have brain surgery (everything turned out very well for my dad) and praise God emergencies don’t happen all the time, but when they do art gives me an outlet to help me move through the sadness. Picking up the paint brush during tough times forces me to be present and focus on what’s right in front of me.

This trip I had no time to plan, so I just used what make do art supplies I could find. An old magazine with heavy pages I bought at the used bookstore near the hospital, became my journal book for the duration of the stay with my parents. I found paint came from the dollar store and old photos came from my wallet. It was therapy for me to create. Just use what you have. Crayons, pencil, glue stick and old papers work fine too. I feel lost without at least paper and pencil wherever I go, so I keep that tucked away in my purse. Keep creating!!

This art print “Heat is Rising” is available here.

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