I look for it. beauty. I look for it every most days. But sometimes, like this morning when I felt too weak to look for it, it found me, when I needed it the most. On a day I found myself too in my head, questioning everything, over thinking, thinking, thinking. We all have those kind of days. But God is good. He knew exactly how I needed to work it out. I walked out into the morning sunlight and before I knew it I found myself snapping fallen tree limbs, into smaller pieces and tossing them into the fire pit. Raking, digging up and transplanting day lilies and getting dirt under my nails, working in the garden or doing yard work is the perfect therapy! Just what I needed to move forward. After a bit of digging in the dirt I unearthed an old treasure left by my boys, when they were little…it’s at least 15 years old. Beautiful memories unearthed.


Beauty found me in the studio, while stripping paint off the glass palette. Isn’t that the most beautiful paint chip colors ever? Ha, I might start photographing all of the these. Beauty is in the smallest of things, today and everyday.

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