Choosing the Positive

I spent the past week sick in bed with the flu. I missed Christmas…no fun!  On the positive side, I could see this gave me time to slow down and take care of me. A gift to myself in more ways than one.

While in the sick bed I thought about this past year. It was a tough one for me, as it was for many others. At every turn there was some deep profound lessons to be learned. Learning to let go and surrender and accept whatever I couldn’t change kept popping up. I had just enough time to come up for air before these difficult lessons would happen again and again. Eventually the lesson would take and I would surrender and accept and feel freedom from my baggage.

Surprisingly, after all that internal work, yesterday I began to feel restless and stressed out about the year ahead. The end of the year was here and I had no plans or goals for the next. I was searching for ways to make 2017 better all the way around, so I spent the evening listening to positive speakers, read all the inspirational stuff I could and searched for what was working for everyone else. There was so much swimming around in my head, it was overkill.

Then last night, just as I drifted off to sleep it dawned on me. The easiest thing to do was to seek the positive. Find whatever makes me the happiest and say yes to that. And when it looks impossible to find the joy, dig for it like gold.

So my plans and goals for 2017 are simple, I’m doing what makes me happy. I’m going to seek the positive. Which means, I’m picking up the paint brush everyday, picking up my camera & sharing my artwork more.

My husband and I started playing a game last week, if either of us say something negative then we have to think of a way to turn it into a positive statement. Want to play the game with us?

What do you know that brings you joy?  What will you choose to focus on?

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